Our Brand

Brand name of ‘ZARA’ and  ‘GR Feast’ has earned popularity and trust of its customers in a relatively short span of time.

Under the Guidance of its founder Mr. Sat Ram Dass Nihalani, the company has achieved the phenomenal growth after overcoming all the obstacles in to-day’s ever increasing competition in the agri-commodity industry. The tremendous grit and determination to succeed has always been at help of the father-son Nihalani duo.

The success can also be attributed to the untiring and unflinching commitment to world class food-processing and agri-commodity trade methods along with an adherence to highest quality standards.

To provide the best of the best quality products, Golden Rice has raised its own cleaning, grading, processing and packing unit at Rasalkhor Awir at Dubai.

Golden Rise, a professionally managed company is being run by a team of experts, visionary, technocrats and managers, who are guided by valuable business ethics to serve the company as well as the society as a whole.

All its products have acclaimed a prestigious place in the trade one of the best processing unit at hand Golden Rise boasts of an international standard of processing and packing etc.

Besides a wide range of pulses like Moong whole, Moong Chikka,Moong dal, Urad whole, Toor dal, Masoor, Chana and Chana Dal, Golden Rise also deals and exports a large variety of ric, sugar and spices like clove, cardamom, jeera etc.

Golden Rise sells its 1121 Indian Basmati rice under the brand name ZARA, where as the sold and exported with the brand name “GR Feast”.

It packs white sugar also, with the brand name “GR Feast” in convenint packs of 1kg, 2kg and 5kg.